How to increase power at home?

Stress, unhealthy diet and bad habits, problems in relationships with a woman, overwork all negatively affect a man's health and potency. Many people know what factors affect potency, but only a few protect their sexual health against them. Experts also offer a number of techniques on how to increase power at home.

Each technique is appropriate for certain factors that cause a decrease in potency. Therefore, physicians often recommend the practical application of various impotence therapy and prevention options. An integrated approach will provide a cumulative effect and to quickly obtain the desired results, it remains to be familiarized with the characteristics and rules of each method.

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The reasons for power deterioration

Only a few are able to timely determine a decrease in potency, while the others start the pathological process on their own. In fact, symptoms such as decreased interest in sexual intercourse, weak and unstable erection, and difficulty in ejaculating will become a cause for alarm and medical consultation.

The reasons for the power decrease can be of the following types:

psychological disorders. . . Problems like the following can lead to decreased potency and libido:

  • depression;
  • unfavorable climate in relationships with women;
  • conflicts at work;
  • doubts, complexes and fears;
  • neuropsychiatric disorders;
  • excess of work.
causes of decreased potency in men

Hormonal Disorders. . . The hormonal system is responsible for the sexual sphere, in particular the hormone testosterone. A decrease in testosterone can be caused by the following disorders:

  • diabetes;
  • thyroid gland pathology;
  • obesity;
  • adrenal gland dysfunction.

Illnessesinterrupt the transmission of nerve impulses responsible for sexual arousal. The following diseases can cause this:

  • impaired cerebral circulation;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • spinal cord diseases and injuries.

local reasonsthat are responsible for the sexual function. Namely:

  • Narrowing of the arteries that carry blood to the penis
  • weak clogging of the vein valves, due to which there is a rapid flow of blood from the penis and an erection disappears.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system, to know:

  • phlebeurism;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • low mobility, which leads to stagnation processes.

Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. Most of the time, there is a decrease in potency due to urethritis, cystitis and prostatitis in men.

Opinion of an 'expert. Sexologist. Specialist in family relationships. Family Psychologist.

A temporary decrease in potency may be associated with the use of certain medications with side effects. Frequently, problems in the genital area are associated with the use of antidepressants, hormonal agents, diuretics. After the abolition of such funds, a restoration of potency must be observed.

How to increase male potency at home?

If a man is interested in how to quickly increase male potency without the help of a doctor and radical methods of therapy, several options can be considered. First, you need to adjust your diet and lifestyle so that these factors don't reduce sexual activity. Second, experts advise various exercises, drugs and folk remedies to increase sexual potential.


What a man consumes as food directly depend on his health status, sexual activity and even psycho-emotional background. Any food contains a complex of important substances, so it's worth considering a list of products that would help restore a man's potency.

The following products should be included in the men's menu:

  • greens- dill, parsley, celery and other vegetables are essential products for the male body. For example, parsley contains the component apigenin, due to which the concentration of female hormones is reduced, which means that testosterone levels are maintained.
  • Seafood- This food is mainly rich in protein, and zinc and amino acids contribute to normal testosterone production. The most useful products for increasing potency are mackerel, shellfish, shrimp, plaice, oysters.
  • Turnip- This root vegetable generally has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. If you use it regularly, an increase in potency can be seen in 3-4 days. But to consolidate the result, it's better to use it constantly in the menu.
  • Furthermore, dairy products, nuts of all kinds, lean meat, liver and all kinds of spices and herbs will be helpful for the male sexual sphere. The main thing is that the menu is varied and balanced, not limited to a few products.

    Correct postures during sexual intercourse

    Few men know that erection quality and potency are also directly dependent on posture choice. Doctors recommend practicing more those positions where it will be easier for a man to draw blood to the pelvic region. For example, a pose where a man is on top of a woman, ie a traditional pose.

    In order for blood flow to be significantly greater than blood flow, a man can assume an upright body position, changing position during sex. For example, a great way to train sexual functions and potency would be a position where a woman is on all fours and her partner is kneeling or standing behind her.


    The muscles of the pelvic and inguinal canal are also responsible for the work of Organs genitals and important processes. Therefore, a man needs to be physically developed and strong to improve the quality of sexual life and strengthen potency. You can increase power by training your pubococcygeus muscle.

    exercises to increase power

    To find these muscles, a man must try to stop the stream of urine when he urinates. This is how the pubococcygeus muscle contracts. You need to train the muscle by alternating compression and relaxation, repetitions can be done as often as possible as these manipulations will remain invisible to others.

    Traditional methods for quick effect

    Traditional medicine is considered the best alternative to medication if you need disease prevention or treatment without side effects. Most of the time, tinctures, decoctions are used to strengthen sexual functions and potency. For example:

  • Onion broth.Take two onions, chop finely with a knife, then place them in a bowl with 400 ml of warm boiled water. The infusion should be continued for about 4 hours, drained of the sediment and administered orally in 4 doses per day.
  • Mumiyo.Take a spoonful of warm boiled water, dissolve 0. 16 g in it. Mommy. The resulting product is taken in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime.
  • Nuts and honey.An irreplaceable remedy for any body disorder. The component must be combined in a ratio of 1: 1, after which the agent is taken in a tablespoon after each meal, washed down with milk.
  • Ginseng tincture.This remedy is sold in pharmacies, you need to take it 25-30 drops before meals every day for 1-3 months.
  • Nettle salad.You need to remove the branches from the nettle, process with boiling water, chop finely along with parsley and a boiled egg. The resulting dish is seasoned with olive oil, flax seeds and minced garlic.
  • In addition, experts advise men to use black tea with added Dubrovnik, thyme, lemongrass, cloves and turmeric. But mint is contraindicated in low potency, as it relaxes the man and reduces the reaction of the nerve endings and impulses responsible for the man's erection and excitability.


    Low potency drugs can only be taken as directed by a physician. They are typically used when alternative methods have proved ineffective. They can be herbal remedies and dietary supplements for long-term use or they can be synthetic erection stimulants.

    The pills must be taken strictly in the indicated dosage and according to the schedule prescribed by the doctor, otherwise, the opposite effect may be obtained.

    prevention measures

    Prevention is the best solution that will help men avoid sexual disorders without using therapeutic techniques. If a man is at risk of developing sexual disorders or simply wants to protect himself from such a fate, the following doctors' recommendations can be followed:

    • refuse from bad habits;
    • eat healthy foods to prevent obesity;
    • take a regular contrast bath;
    • lead an active lifestyle, avoiding stagnant processes.
    sports for the prevention of impotence in men

    It is also important to treat all illnesses in a timely manner, and it is best to have a preventive checkup by all specialists every six months.


    Potency is an important indicator of male health, depending on various factors and processes in the body. Physiological and psychogenic disorders can reduce potency. Depending on the identified provocateurs, methods of restoring sexual activity are determined. This could be diet, sports, exercise or gymnastics, the use of popular recipes or medication.