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Many people despise the issue of their own food: they have a snack on the go, eat fast food, don't want to waste time cooking, combine incompatible foods and eat at night. This eating behavior is unacceptable, it can cause serious health problems associated, among other things, not only with the gastrointestinal tract.

man eats healthy food ​​to increase potency

Food saturates the human body, it is a building material for all organs and systems, so it is extremely important to monitor the quality of nutrition. Male strength is also directly related to the foods consumed. The diet of any man who wants to stay healthy for years to come should include all the essentials.

Make way for testosterone

Male reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics, such as a developed muscular system, growth of facial and body hair, develop under the influence of the main male sex hormone, testosterone. In youth, as a rule, it is abundant and no problems associated with sexual function arise during this period of life.

But with age, testosterone production declines, which suppresses a man's libido.


And then the question arises: how to keep the testosterone level at the right level? Hormone therapy is a very serious measure, first you need to adjust your diet by adding foods that contribute to the production of the main male hormone.

Foods That Help Increase Testosterone Levels:

  • chicken egg, meat;
  • tuna fish;
  • wine, brandy;
  • Honey.

Chicken eggs and lean meat contain a large amount of nutrients, in addition to all the essential amino acids necessary for the full functioning of the reproductive system. Seafood also contains everything to maintain male strength. The most useful fish in terms of potency is tuna. The large amount of vitamin D contained in it contributes to the production of testosterone. The presence of mackerel and salmon in the diet also increases man's love.

Interestingly, the right alcohol and the right amount will help in the fight against impotence. Wine, cognac, vodka in small doses will have the desired effect, but beer will have to be abandoned: it contains phytoestrogens - substances thanks to which the man has a protruding belly, almost a woman's chest and round sides.

Bee products are famous for their medicinal properties, which also affect the reproductive system. In addition to being rich in trace elements that are valuable to the body, honey contains nitric oxide and boron. According to scientists, these substances play a significant role in the formation of an erection. A mixture of honey with chopped walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts or sunflower seeds is an ancient recipe, with which man has always strengthened his strength. Just take this medicine one tablespoon a day.

Vitamins B, C - the key to a man's health

useful products for potency

As you know, prolonged stress has a negative effect on the body, reduces libido, suppresses testosterone production. In this case, it is necessary to add foods rich in vitamin C to the human diet, such as lemons, for example. However, not all citrus fruits are suitable for this purpose; grapefruit should be avoided for men.

Quail eggs contain a lot of vitamins B5 and B6, which help maintain the desired hormonal state, increasing resistance to stress.

Bananas, peaches, apricots, pineapples, pears, melon are necessary in the diet, and exotic figs are extremely useful for male potency and the proper functioning of the reproductive system, increases libido.

A large amount of vegetables and grains in the diet is very important: the fiber contained in these products contributes to the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which means that no problems and health problems will not distract man from his romantic mood.

Harmful products

A large amount of carbohydrates in the diet will negatively affect male potency. Noodles, bread, soy, which is often added to sausages - these products must be discarded.

Smoking, fatty foods, excessive alcohol consumption, fried in too much oil, salt abuse are all factors that interfere with being a man in his own right. Therefore, intrigued by the issue of maintaining male strength, products that are harmful to it cannot be ignored. If these addictions are maintained, proper nutrition and even treatment is unlikely to help. Sometimes it is enough to exclude these factors and the male body will function at full capacity.